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Crosby Boarding Kennel has been in the community for 17 years.

Crosby Boarding Kennel has been in the community for over 17 years.

Entry to the kennel is by way of an electric gate, which is always closed. Please call for entry and we will open the gate (if we’re not out with a pet for playtime). Once we put the pet away, then we will open the gate. This also ensures that no one can be on the property without our permission.

Our kennels have central air and heat.

Each indoor kennel has a dog door which gives them access to their own under roof outdoor run. We can then open up that door and let your pet into our 10x33 exercise yard. From the time we open until we close, the pets are constantly being rotated in and out of the exercise yard.

​No pets are allowed to co-mingle unless they are family and then only if they play nice. Some pets like a vacation from one another.

We do offer outdoor kennels which are under roof with a dog house, automatic waterer, and in the summer a fan. In the winter, we place hay in the dog houses for warmth.

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We feed Purnia O.N.E. Both dog and cat food. If your pet eats something else, we highly recommend you bring their food. Please label it with their name and if you want them fed once or twice per day and the quantity. We don’t need food nor water dishes; we have those.

We put rugs down for kennel pets (unless they destroy them). You are welcome to bring a small bed and toys if you would prefer.

We sanitize the kennels regularly and after each departure.

Installed in the air ducts is a Global Plasma Solutions GPS-2400 system. . It kills mold, bacteria and virus in the space. Cold plasma kills 99.6% of contaminants in less that 15 minutes in the air ducts; keeping the air fresh and clean.

We are a country kennel, where your pets will love to visit.

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